In china stainless steel the price difference between the brands is gradually reduced

10,Apr 2022

Recently, the spot price of stainless steel in Foshan market is basically in a relatively stable state, traders are basically sold out of low-cost resources in the early stage, the cost of spot resources in hand is high, and the willingness to lower output is greatly weakened; But lack actual clinch a deal of support, the price rises also is more difficult, because this price is more in high small shock. During this period, the price difference between the brands is gradually reduced, the market private 304 cold rolling spot price is basically the same price.

First, the price is at a historical high and the downstream acceptance is low

At this stage private 304 cold rolling spot price compared with the same period in previous years, in a relatively high position, one is the market sentiment affected by the stainless steel futures plate, spot price is higher; Second, supported by high raw material costs, stainless steel spot prices are difficult to fall. Under the high price of stainless steel, downstream enterprises more cautious wait and see, in accordance with the actual order to purchase, few hoarding willingness.

Second, the overall demand is low, traders are difficult to ship

According to market feedback, it is difficult for downstream stainless steel enterprises to receive orders after the New Year, and the overall demand is much lower than the same period in previous years. In addition, the epidemic has been repeated, which has a great impact on the shipment and logistics transportation of stainless steel, and there is still a certain lag in demand. The voice of the downstream inquiry is relatively small, and there is no willingness to counteroffer. It can be seen that the demand is really general, and the effect is also general, which can be described as “business is difficult to do”!

High price, low demand, so that well-known high-end brand Yongjin 304, also had to bow to reality, the market agent spot price is lower than steel mills in April futures guidance price quoted, Ningbo 304 cold rolling spot price more than 20200 yuan/ton base, the actual transaction still has a certain margin space; Because traders bought delong 304 resources with high cost in the early stage, the current spot price is basically at the cost price of traders, and the willingness to sell goods at a low price is relatively low, and the price is mostly firm at 20150-20200 yuan/ton gross base.

Delong price is stronger, yong gold price is weakening, so that the price difference between the two is shrinking, almost in a position of the same price.


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