Under the impact of the epidemic and environmental protection nickel iron industry to survive

14,Apr 2022

With the approval of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, the sixth batch of five central ecological and environmental protection inspection teams will be stationed in Hebei, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang provinces (regions) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps from March 23 to 25, 2022 to conduct supervision. As of April 11, all inspection groups have entered the stage of sinking work.

It is understood that Hebei, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia are nickel-iron smelters distribution, total nickel pig iron output accounted for about 25% of the country.

At present, the ongoing epidemic situation and the impact of environmental supervision have limited the transportation or production of nickel-iron smelting enterprises in the above regions to a certain extent.  Although the magnitude of impact cannot be determined because of the uncertainty surrounding the future, most of the 25% of capacity has been reduced or temporarily shut down.  Under the influence of environmental supervision, some nickel iron smelter operating production reduction, April resources more sales, and nickel iron transport limited under the epidemic prevention and control, and Indonesia nickel iron reflux growth is not as good as expected, the market continued tight negotiable nickel resources, nickel iron supplier’s price more reluctant to give priority to, psychological price is in 1650 yuan/nickel (tax included) to the factory.  

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