The arch hoisting of the 4300mm stainless steel plate project of TiSCO was successfully completed

25,Mar 2022

At 9:58am on March 22nd, the witness ceremony of arch hoisting of 4300mm mill of tiSCO stainless Steel Hot Rolling Mill production line intelligent upgrade and transformation project was held at the construction site of TiSCO project. More than 100 representatives from owners, design, construction, supervision, equipment suppliers and other related units participated in the witness activity.

The intelligent upgrading and transformation project of medium and thick plate production line of Stainless Hot Rolling Plant of TiSCO is a key project to expand the product structure of medium and thick plate of Stainless Steel of TiSCO, meet the market demand for high-end medium and thick plate, and accelerate the realization of transformation and upgrading. Among them, the 4300mm rolling mill is the core equipment of the project. After extensive investigation, technical exchange, bidding organization and several rounds of business negotiation by the project party stainless hot Rolling Mill, China International Trade Company and the design party MCC, Ximac Group company finally won the contract of the 4300mm rolling mill project. The production scale of the whole thick plate production line is 700,000 tons per year.

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