Stainless steel supply may decrease in the future

24,Mar 2022

As an excellent stainless steel person, these two years are also experienced several waves of “roller coaster” market! When the price rises, most traders are too late to react, spot prices directly rub on the “ceiling”, private 304 cold rolling until 21600 yuan/ton, traders completely too late to purchase, too late to replenish; However, in the price drop, and rub down, private 304 cold rolling until 18600 yuan/ton, but in the price drop, traders dare not purchase; Unexpectedly, the next day rose to 18,900 yuan/ton.

This increase in price and the speed of the price, did not give stainless steel people time to prepare, grasp the market, the start on the start!

First, the supply of stainless steel may decrease in the future

At present, there is a rumor in the market that Qingshan may solve the delivery problem by high nickel matte replacement. Assuming that this method is indeed adopted, Qingshan will increase the production of high nickel matte. In this case, the production of nickel iron and stainless steel in the later period may be affected by the decline.

As for Delong, due to the logistics problems of the epidemic, the import of raw materials for stainless steel production has been blocked, which is expected to affect the output of 30,000-40,000 tons in March. Plus a second round of the sixth group of the ecological environment protection and supervision, respectively to hebei, jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, xinjiang five provinces (area) and the xinjiang production and construction corps for about 1 month of inspectors to work, strictly control the “projects” blind horse (energy intensive and highly polluting) project, and to “look back” the implementation capacity. The subsequent production of stainless steel may have a certain impact.

Second, the current downstream demand to support the price

As the epidemic has been under strict control, shenzhen and Dongguan have resumed work and life since March 21, and all bus routes have resumed operation. But according to Mysteel research, the current high-speed export check is strict, superimposed shenzhen, Dongguan just entered the resumption of production and operation, the demand for stainless steel has not significantly improved, but also mainly consumes the current inventory, is expected to have a good sign around the 25th.

In addition, no matter foshan or Wuxi stainless steel market, the prices of these two days are in a relatively stable state. First, traders have a high cost of resources and a weak willingness to offer low prices, so the price is difficult to fall. Second, spot inventory is still in a state of consumption, proving that there is demand, there are still a small number of transactions under the current price, although they are mainly just need, but also represents the downstream of the current high price in the gradual acceptance, the support of demand, price stability.

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