European stainless steel alloy surcharge rose in April, the export situation is good

02,Apr 2022

European stainless steel alloy surcharge increased in April:

Nickel prices account for a large part of the calculation of European and US alloy surcharges. Due to the spike in nickel prices in March, it is reported that European stainless steel producers have significantly increased their alloy surcharges for April 2022 by $550 to $660 per ton of stainless steel. Outokumpu stainless steel 304 plate surcharge rose to a 13-year high of €3,251 per tonne.

In addition, energy surcharges of $370 – $480 per tonne will be added due to strong cost growth and European stainless steel prices will hit another record in April.

In March, after the domestic stainless steel prices rose, 304 cold rolling export price and Japan and Korea market price gap narrowed, export advantage weakened.

In February, domestic exports of stainless steel to Europe increased significantly:

Due to the high price of stainless steel in Europe, the amount of domestic stainless steel exports to Europe in February increased significantly. Among them, about 40,900 tons were exported to Turkey, increasing by 13,000 tons or 47.8%. The amount exported to Italy was about 29,300 tons, with a sequential increase of 17,700 tons or 153.79%.

Among them, cold rolled coil imports mainly increased, which Turkey increased by 0.86 million tons, Italy increased by 19,900 tons.

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