Slitting Service

Slitting Service

Slitting Service

Large steel mills produce stainless steel coils of standard width, such as 1219mm,1500mm etc.

But the actual customer use of steel coil may have their own requirements, at this time must be processed by strip.Slitting, also known as slitting processing, refers to the stainless steel coil plate after uncoiling, slitting, leveling, rewinding, processing into the required width of the strip. 

Compared with Kaiping, slabbing is a relatively technical processing means.Let’s introduce the steps when using slitting machine:

Slitting machine structure: by uncoiling, feeding positioning, slitting slitting, coiling equipment.  Its main function is to set the length direction of the wide coil material shear into a narrow size coil, for the future of other processing procedures ready.  That is to say, you can set the tension on the man-machine or text, calculate the volume diameter through PLC, T=F*D/2, so you can calculate the torque size of the motor output, and receive the torque given end of the V series inverter through the analog output.  For V series inverter, because it can do torque control, it can complete the control of winding constant tension.  Slitting machine is a lengthwise slitting equipment for wide roll materials.

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