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Stainless steel has been widely used because of its high corrosion resistance and decoration, especially in medical appliances, food industry utensils, tableware, kitchen utensils and other aspects have been popularized and promoted. Stainless steel appliances should be corrosion resistant, bright and clean appearance, appliance surface should not be attached with toxic substances to human body. Because this is opposite the surface processing of production this kind of appliance puts forward a requirement, want the harmful material that clears surface thoroughly namely.

Stainless steel polishing materials are generally: “polishing wax, hemp wheel, nylon wheel, cloth wheel, wind wheel, line cloth wheel” and so on.

Two ways for polishing :

1.Chemical polishing is a commonly used surface treatment process for stainless steel. Compared with electrolytic,chemical polishing process, its biggest advantage is that it does not need DC power supply and special fixture, and it can polish complex parts with high productivity. In terms of functionality, chemical polishing can get physical and chemical cleanliness of the surface, but also remove the mechanical damage layer and stress layer on the surface of stainless steel, get mechanical cleanliness of the surface, which is conducive to prevent local corrosion of parts, improve mechanical strength, prolong the service life of parts.

2.Stainless steel electrolytic polishing is to hang stainless steel products on the anode, in the electrolytic polishing solution for anodic electrolytic machining.  Electrolytic polishing is a special anodic process. In the whole anodic electrolytic polishing process, there are two contradictory processes on the surface of stainless steel products at the same time, that is, the continuous formation and dissolution of oxide film on the metal surface.  However, the condition of chemical film entering blunt state on the surface of stainless steel products is not the same as that on the convex part and the concave part.  Anode surface at the same time two opposite processes, film formation and dissolution, passivization film generation, dissolution, so that the surface of stainless steel products is leveled, to achieve a highly smooth and shiny appearance, to meet the purpose of stainless steel products surface polishing finishing.

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