316L BA Stainless Steel Coil

300 series is generally austenitic stainless steel, the matrix to face centered cubic crystal structure of austenite structure, non-magnetic, mainly through cold processing to strengthen it, and may lead to a certain magnetic stainless steel.

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Product Details

The Chemical composition of 316L is that C(%) :0.03;Si(%): 1;Mn(%):2.0-3.0;Cr(%):16.0-18.0;P(%):0.045;S(%):0.03;Ni(%):10.0-14.0.

316L is widely used in chemical industry because of its excellent corrosion resistance. 316L is also a derivative steel of 18-8 austenitic stainless steel, adding 2 ~ 3% Mo element. On the basis of 316L is stainless steel containing molybdenum, because of the molybdenum in the steel, the overall performance of the steel is better than 310 and 304 stainless steel, under high temperature conditions, when the sulfuric acid concentration is less than 15% or higher than 85%, 316L stainless steel has a wide range of applications. 316L stainless steel also has good chloride resistance, so it is commonly used in Marine environments.

316L stainless steel has a maximum carbon content of 0.03 and can be used in applications where annealing after welding is not possible and where maximum corrosion resistance is required.

Physical properties of SS316L

Tensile strength :480MPa

Yield strength :177MPa

Elongation :40%

Hardness requirements (Rockwell hardness)HRB≤100.

Density of 316L stainless steel:7.98g/cm3

316L stainless steel advantages:1) Cold rolled products have good gloss and beautiful appearance; 2)Excellent corrosion resistance, especially pitting resistance, due to the addition of Mo;3)Excellent high temperature strength 4)Excellent work hardening (weak magnetic after processing) 5)No magnetism in solution state; 6)Relative to 304 stainless steel, the price is higher.

Our Company has a 25000 tons inventory of stainless steel coil, 18 production lines, 55 employees, 85% self-made, ISO system certification & TPI inspection quality.

Standard Specification of SS316L Coil
Thichness 0.05mm-16mm
Width 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, etc
Length Per Coil
Surface No.1,No.4,HL with PVC,2B,BA,8K Mirror, checkered, etched, embossing etc
Finish Hot rolled (HR), Cold rolled (CR), 2B, 2BA, BA NO(8), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated)
Form Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheet, Chequered Plate, Strip, Flats,Circle, Ring (Flange) etc.
Color Natural color, can be titanium gold color, titanium black color, rose red, champagne gold color, sapphire blue, bronzed    color, coffee color, purple red, green, emerald green, copper red color and anti-finger print, etc.
Inspection SGS,or other Third Party inspection
Package PVC+ waterproof paper + strong sea-worthy wooden package

Our Machines

The production capacity of our fatory is about 2000tons per year .We have many machines to meet all customers requirements.For example:brush,cutting,slitting ,embossed,etching,mirror,PVD color,Water plating,Laser.


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