304 Stainless Steel Perforated Slotted Round Pipe

Stainless steel pipe is a hollow strip of circular steel, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrument and other industrial pipeline and mechanical structure parts.

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When most of the stainless steel pipe diameter range of 2-1080mm, wall thickness range of 0.01-250mm. It usually according to the mode of production and section shape classification According to the production mode, it is divided into seamless pipe and welded pipe.According to the section shape,it is divided into square pipe,rectangular tube, diamond tube, elliptical tube, etc.

Stainless steel seamless tube production process

Production technology of stainless steel decorative welded pipe

Stainless steel industrial welding pipe production process

No.1 After hot rolling, the surface is treated with heat treatment and pickling. Generally used for cold rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industrial devices, thicker from 2.0mm to 8.0mm.
8K Polishing stainless steel plate with abrasive solution through polishing equipment, so that the surface luminosity as clear as a mirror.
2B After cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling, and finish rolling to a moderately bright surface. Because the surface is smooth, easy to regrind, make the surface more bright, widely used, such as tableware, building materials and so on. After using the surface treatment to improve mechanical properties, it can meet almost all purposes
NO.4 HL A product with abrasive pattern produced by continuous grinding of appropriately sized polished sand belt. Mainly used for building decoration, elevator, building doors, panels and so on.
BA BA cold rolled after bright annealing, and after leveling products. Excellent surface gloss and high reflectivity. A mirror-like surface. Used in household appliances, mirrors, kitchen equipment, decorative materials, etc

Stainless steel decorative pipe is also known as stainless steel welded pipe, referred to as welded pipe, commonly used is steel or strip steel by the unit and die after welding. Welded steel pipe production process is simple, high production efficiency, variety of specifications, less equipment, but the general strength is lower than seamless steel pipe.

Widely used in petroleum, food, chemical, construction, electric power, nuclear energy, energy, machinery, biotechnology, paper making, shipbuilding, boiler and other fields.

Also according to customer requirements to produce pipe.

304 is the most common German general-purpose stainless steel material on the market. Since 304 contains no less than 8 nickel, its corrosion resistance is good, and it is the most widely used stainless steel.

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