Common Quality Problems for Stainless Steel Products

04,Mar 2022

Stainless steel products due to its characteristics, the quality of the main focus on the surface, mainly including surface scratches, creases, waves and so on. 

Surface scratch: generally in the process of transportation and shear processing is easy to cause surface damage. 

Our company packing:all doing by auto-machines,and about the carry and putting all use Chuck device to keep the goods surface good and nice.

And on shipping,we will anti-water paper and wooden shelf for big cartoon,if for sample,we will use peal cotton and paper.At the same time , to protect stainless steel coils sheets, we also accept your own packing ways.


Crease: it is the product after the surface of the horizontal fold. 

Our company ‘s way : Tension rollers are installed in both the production line and the flattening machine group to prevent the steel coil from wrinkling.


Wave: is the product in the open processing

Most of these cases occur in steel coils with thickness below 8mm and width above 1800mm.  This is also the case for steel strips larger than 8*1800mm or 1250mm or 1500mm in width.
 After the wide and thin steel strip is opened, there will be large waves on one or both sides of the steel plate. The unevenness is usually 10-20mm, up to 30mm, and 60Mzu at the tail of the steel strip

We prevent the establishment of process equipment inspection standards and regular inspection system, to ensure the stability of social security.  The work roll locking device should be reformed to eliminate the gap between bearing seat and memorial arch, roll and bearing seat as far as possible. 


Above that problems, our company provide is good and competitive price for that our company take useful way to firm our  company.So anything you need the stainless steel tubes,sheets, bars,contact us freeely!

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