China’s Domestic Steel Demand Fell and Exports Increased

16,Dec 2021

Recently, China’s domestic stainless steel demand weakened, stainless steel prices showed a wide decline. Affected by this, China’s steel export price will be lowered. According to relevant data report, some large state-owned steel mills still suspend hot coil export orders, small and medium-sized steel mills quoted at 810-820 USD/ton FOB, compared with The price of 840 USD/ton FOB in Russia and 865 USD/ton FOB in India, southeast Asian customers have a strong intention to purchase Chinese resources. At the same time, the export quotation of China’s mainstream cold coil is about 920 USD/ton FOB, and the export quotation of DX51D+Z (120g) galvanized is below 1000 USD/ton FOB. Inquiries from overseas customers are significantly increased compared with the first ten days of October. Therefore, if you want to buy stainless steel products, contact Luoyang Huien Metal Products Co., Ltd as soon as possible.

At present, the amount of export steel goods in step by step increase, under the premise of ensuring profits, export steel varieties as far as possible to eliminate low value-added products, will gradually change into “less, high price” of high value-added varieties.

Therefore, now is the golden age of exporting steel, to order stainless steel products such as 304, 316, 904L, 430, etc., Contact us freely.

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